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Calibrated Helium Leak Standards. LACO Technologies is the world leader in calibrated leak standard technology due to our proprietary micro tube capillary leak element design, wide scope of accreditation, fast delivery times, and lifetime warranty.


A&J Vacuum Services offers full repair/service of Ulvac Heliot 901W1 Helium Leak Detectors, along with all other brands of helium leak detectors offered on our website. AJVS also services Pfeiffer turbo pumps and rotary vane pumps.

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SynSysCo specializes in the supply and service of dry vacuum pumps and cryogenic systems. We are a North American distributor for Sumitomo Marathon™ Cryogenics, Kashiyama dry screw pumps, Anest Iwata manufactured dry scroll pumps, and Scroll Labs miniature dry scroll pumps.. We also supply our own line of OMNI® helium compressors and SDS industrial dry screw pumps.

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The HELIOT 900 is our helium leak detector with; high speed pumping capability, user-friendly operation and guaranteed top performance in all kinds of leak testing situations.

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The HELIOT 900 series is a helium leak detector specifically designed to achieve high speed pumping capability and is easy to maintain. Its user-friendly operation adopts a wireless 7-inch display tablet as a standard controller.

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The HELIOT 900 is a fast, versatile vacuum leak detector capable of the fastest helium pumping speeds on the market. Built in a small, portable form factor with a wireless tablet controller for ease of use the HELIOT is designed to be used as a standalone unit in vacuum and sniffer modes, or connected to your PLC system and used as part of an ...

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Cryo-Torr High-Vacuum Pump Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions P/N 8040613 1-1 C HELIX TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION TI-CRYOGENICS Section 1 - Cryo-Torr Cryopump Description Introduction Cryo-Torr High-Vacuum Pumps, shown in Figures 1-1 and 1-2, are one of the two major components that make up the Cryo-Torr High-Vacuum Pumping System.

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Why is Helium a good Test Gas? Low concentration in air, only 5 ppm, so low natural background Inert gas, non toxic, non- explosive, environmentally friendly Good separation in a mass spectrometer (no cross sensitivity to other gases and no mass fragments Lighter than air

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Helium gas charging and leak test can be done separately at the same time to shorten the processing time. ・ Helium leak detector HELIOT-ZERO is used, which can detect helium gas leakage from a test piece in vacuum. ※ Rapid gas analyzer in vacuum : Patent pending ・ Test chamber size has been reduced for rapid processing, which makes ...

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The outside surface of the object is sprayed with helium gas or placed in a chamber filled with helium. The vacuum draws helium through any flaw in the object, then into the Heliot, where it is detected by the spectrometer. The sniffer test mode is also operable in seconds. The test object is filled with helium gas …

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ulvac ulvac technologies, inc. methuen, ma 01844 d 1040350 title 00 1/1 system assy, tde see parts list see notes tolerances j.delaware angles 10/30/06 tolerances x .7 x.xx dimensions 0.5 x.x .13.25 this drawing is the property of ulvac technologies inc.

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DEPLOY an OMNI ® Helium Compressor and operate both standard and auto-regen cryopumps from different manufacturers on the same tool at the same time.. OMNIs drive Sumitomo Marathon ®, CTI-Brooks CryoTorr ®, CTI-Brooks On-Board ®, Oxford-Trillium Cryo-Plex ®, and Ulvac Cryo-U ® cryopumps.; OMNIs drive 3-phase and 2-phase configured pumps; DRIVE cyropumps selected and …

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Helium Recovery System. Helium is widely used as an excellent tracer gas in the leak detection process. However, its increased costs – and their negative impact on profit margins – are a huge concern in today's production environments. BBS has developed a proven concept to recover helium for low-, mid- and high-pressure applications.

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The Heliot 900 series manufactured by ULVAC has the world's fastest pumping speed for helium. It uses a tablet type user-friendly operator interface which offers excellent flexibility in performance for any helium leak testing application. This is the latest model and has a highly refined design.

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9600 Compressor Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Instructions ©2005 Helix Technology Corporation Pub. No. 8040444, Rev. 103, 05/04/2005 ECO No. 16977 v ... 9600 Compressor Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Instructions Section 1 - 9600 Compressor Description ... Compressor which compresses the helium gas.


the • make helium gas return and supply 3.4 compressor to connections • verify helium static pressure 3.4 cryopump 1 electrically • connect cold head power cable from 3.5 connecting compressor to cold head compressor • connect compressor input-power cable 3.5 to main power source 1 start up • turn system on 3.5 .3-4

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Possible to detect hydrogen as well as helium gas by vacuum method. Applications. Piping assemblies and separate parts. Vacuum components and systems. Automotive parts, air conditioning, heat exchanger parts and assemblies. Packaging for food, pharmaceuticals, etc. Flow and permeation rate measurement of helium and hydrogen. [/su_spoiler ...

ULVAC to Launch New HELIOT 900 Series Leak Detectors

Leak detectors are test equipment designed to measure the amount of leakage and locate leaks during helium leak testing, a method of testing leaks using helium gas. Helium leak testing provides higher sensitivity than any other leak test method and enables fast and accurate testing, even for minor leaks.

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ULVAC CRYOGENICS employs water standards provided by The Japan Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association as our cooling water standards to ensure reliable performance of heat exchanger. It is recommended to make regular examinations of the water and pipe cleaning because always there is a possibility of temporary water degradation.

ULVAC to Launch New HELIOT 900 Series Leak Detectors

ULVAC to Launch New HELIOT 900 Series Leak Detectors ... a method of testing leaks using helium gas. Helium leak testing provides higher sensitivity than any other leak test method and enables fast and accurate testing, even for minor leaks. Due to these advantages, helium leak testing is used in a wide range of industries that require leak ...

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Helium M.S.L.D. Model No: VT-LD-102 (Manual / Automatic) is a highly sensitive mass pectrometer leak detector tuned to mass 4 of helium. It is a 1800magnetic deflection single focusing mass spectrometer immersed in magnetic field resulting in eliminating spurious surface potentials and thereby provides perfect ion optics.

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2-2.Pumping Characteristic for Argon and Nitrogen (Condensable Gas) A group of gases such as N 2 、Ar、CO、O 2 and other gases of similar molecular weight are condensed and pumped at 20K or below, therefore they are not condensed on 80K baffle and shield. In general, the limit temperature that gases can be pumped by condensation is 20K.

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As you see in Fig.1, the vapor pressure of water vapor becomes below 10-8 Pa at temperature of below 130K, and thus water vapor is pumped as a result of condensation on the 80K baffle and 80K shield. The next group of gases, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and other gases of similar molecular weight are pumped at the exposed surface of 15K cryopanel(1) at the second stage, which is kept below 20K.

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Features. Wide range voltage motor and correspond to CE, cTUVus. Magnet coupling for no oil leakage from shaft seal and realized longer lifetime. Integrated check valve below the …